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Motivational Soft Skills Training Seminars

DRiVE Consulting offers motivational, soft skills training seminars on many topics, including:

  1. Shifting From Managing Stress to Harnessing Stress;
  2. Improving Time Management;
  3. Core Energy Construct as blueprint - moving from victim to win/win mindset;
  4. Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and action plans;
  5. Avoiding External and Internal Road Blocks;
  6. Increasing Engagement Levels;
  7. Communication;
  8. Leadership;
  9. Mentoring;
  10. Smart Decision Making;
  11. Problem Solving;
  12. Difficult Conversations;
  13. Strengthening Morale of Business Teams; and
  14. 7 Do's and Don'ts of Effective Networking.

Each soft skills training seminar is designed to motivate the participants, can be tailored to the specific audience and typically runs 1.5 hours. The seminars can be coupled with group or individual coaching sessions as desired. Each training seminar can also be a springboard to discovering the participants' DRiVE-Factor utilizing the ELI Assessment and debrief.

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