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DRiVE Consulting works with three distinct categories of clients:

1. Professionals, recent college graduates and graduate students PROgression Career Success Package;

2. Individuals making significant life transitions PROjection Transition Coaching Package; and

3. Business teams PROformance Team Building Package.

By partnering with DRiVE Consulting, our clients gain an understanding of the root cause of their inner barriers to greater success and self-actualization and begin developing thoughtful, actionable and sustainable strategies to overcome them. DRiVE Consulting's clients learn to diminish complacency and victimhood as they gain clarity of direction and set realizable goals. Through this strategic, personalized approach, DRiVE Consulting empowers clients to become their own change agents as they discover and raise their DRiVE-Factor.

What is your DRiVE-Factor? It's a measure of how firmly you sit in the driver's seat of your personal and professional lives. Are you in control or do you feel others are charting the course of your future? Do you feel capable of making your own meaningful and sustainable changes or do you accept the impact other people's decisions have on you? DRiVE Consulting works with you to answer these questions and uncover the barriers that keep you from staying in the driver's seat.

Coaching Services

Our short-term, weekly coaching sessions will help you break through the inner blocks (GAIL's: Gremlins; Assumptions; Interpretations; and Limiting Beliefs) which hold you back as you set S.M.A.R.T. goals and turn obstacles into opportunities to leverage success in many areas:

DRiVE Consulting also offers motivational soft skills training seminars on various topics.

In addition, DRiVE Consulting also offers individual or group (5-10 members) stand alone coaching packages of ten, hour-long sessions dedicated to Time Management or Harnessing Stress.

Each one of DRiVE Consulting's programs begins with the ELI Assessment and debrief. To learn more about our programs, click:

PROjection Transition Coaching Package

PROformance Team Building Package

PROgression Career Success Package

Motivational Soft Skills Training Seminars

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