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PROformance Team-Building Package

The American Psychological Association reports that four in ten employees say a heavy workload, unrealistic job expectations and long hours have created increased stress. MetLife’s 9th Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends (2011) revealed employee loyalty was at a three-year low and that many employers were unaware of the morale meltdown that was occurring within their organizations. Research from the Gallup Organization indicates that shifting to strength based modalities increases employee engagement from 9% to 73%.

DRiVE Consulting helps its clients address these challenges and cultivate a more engaged workforce.

DRiVE Consulting helps develop leadership abilities in all team members, within their own spheres, as well as the team leader's shifting from the old paradigm of team manager to team leader.

DRiVE Consulting works with employees to break down barriers, leading to increased productivity, a positive working mindset and the ability to find gratification and achieve success as part of a team. By boosting morale and engagement, DRiVE Consulting helps to strengthen the relationships among team members and colleagues, allowing them to develop shared goals and shared vision, while still achieving their personal objectives and attaining professional fulfillment. Assessing each team member's DRiVE-Factor helps identify opportunities for teammates to work towards a common goal while maintaining an individual sense of ownership and control over the outcome. Empowering individuals to strengthen their DRiVE-Factor is paramount to building and sustaining an engaged and effective team.

DRiVE Consulting offers you the opportunity for team and leadership development through one of our two package types:

1. Groups of 5 - 10 people meeting either in person or via teleconference calls. During these calls/meetings, DRiVE Consulting will facilitate conversations among group members with the goal of sharing and learning from each other's experiences. Each group package includes 10, one hour meetings. Group packages are cost-effective and optimal for individuals new to coaching and/or DRiVE Consulting and offers the benefit of hearing and learning from others' stories, experiences and insights.

2. Private, personalized, weekly consultations. There are two options to choose from for these personalized consultations, each of which begins with the ELI Assessment and debrief:

a) 60 minute consultations; or

b) 90 minute consultations.

DRiVE Consulting’s virtual team-building services are ideal for organizations with employees who work remotely and/or across different geographic locales. Since these individuals will be building relationships with one another and collaborating on projects virtually in their day-to-day work, participating in virtual team-building is a great opportunity to simulate the working environment and inspire lasting and positive change.

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