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DRiVE Consulting has empowered individuals across the U.S. to become their own change agents. By helping clients to break down internal barriers to success and fulfillment while fostering a deep understanding of their relationships with family, friends and colleagues, DRiVE Consulting affects lasting change. Here’s what our clients have to say about their experiences being coached by DRiVE Consulting’s founder, Adam J. Krim:

It was a great pleasure to have Adam as a workshop leader at Connect to Care. His workshop on Time Management skills was very well received. Our clients found his presentation very clear and engaging. They highly valued his practical and realistic tools for time management that they will be able to put to good use. In addition, they cited his recommendations for recognizing time management sabotage as particularly helpful. We look forward to having Adam come back again soon.

Jill G., Special Projects Manager at Connect to Care at Westchester Jewish Community Services (WJCS)

Adam and I worked together during the second semester of my 1L year of Law School. During our time working together, Adam’s coaching changed the way I perceived the world. At the beginning of our coaching, I perceived the world as a zero-sum game dominated by law-school rankings and the competitive nature of the law school experience. Adam taught me to shift the concept of competition from a zero-sum game of winners and losers to an experience where I could achieve and enjoy my personal best. We shifted away from the established law school paradigm of success to a personal model where we identified my concepts of success and set up a realistic approach to achieving my goals. I have always been a competitive person, however Adam inspired me to bring my competitive nature inwards, to strive for my personal best regardless of how others compete ... Our time together equipped me with tools which created lasting self-confidence developed through hard work, time specific goals, and realistic self-appraisals. I will be forever grateful for having such an excellent teacher and coach in my life.

Max B., Miami, FL

Adam is a professional trainer and coach whom I've known for a very long time on both a professional and personal level. He brings a balanced, sensitive and positive approach to everything he does, and his insights into human nature make him well suited to his work. I found working with him to be very helpful in reaching a higher level of personal and professional fulfillment. I highly recommend Adam to anyone who seeks a guide on the path to higher professional and personal satisfaction and achievement.

Saul O., New York, NY

Adam is innately perceptive. His keen adroitness always helps me to find a higher level of self awareness after every coaching session.

How does Adam seem to accomplish this? He has this ability to listen and then ask the very question you had no idea was coming but once asked not only makes perfect sense but pushes you to the next obvious level.

Adele G., Potomac, MD

I consider myself a tough case … somehow being unable to make things budge in my life, including certain of my own bad habits … Working with Adam is a pleasure. Adam is not only really into the coaching process, but he pulls me into it... Adam is tireless and constantly positive, in a way that is real and moves things forward. Consequently, I move forward. I am moving forward with more speed and smoother acceleration than I could have otherwise…. I want to thank Adam for assisting me in my journey. And I look forward to continuing the journey. Namaste.

Beverly S., Los Angeles, CA

At first I wasn’t quite sure what a life coach actually did. I was expecting coaching to be a type of therapy where we looked at what was wrong in my life and how we could fix it. It wasn’t like that at all. Adam’s coaching was more like finding out what was right in my life and bringing that energy to the rest of it … Adam’s ability to respond effectively and intuitively is remarkable. His coaching transcends the electronic medium. He listens and responds as if he were in the room with you. As a result of Adam’s coaching I’m doing more things that are more important to me and I even have more free time … I have met more people since starting my coaching than in the entire year before. People with whom I couldn’t get an appointment are asking me for my number while we’re waiting for an elevator … Adam’s coaching brought me through an indescribable transformation … I highly recommend it.

Denis W., Chapel Hill, NC

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