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DRiVE Consulting, formerly Res Ipsa Coaching, was founded by Adam J. Krim, a certified professional coach and motivational speaker based in Westchester County, and New York City, NY, to help clients nationwide navigate professional and life transitions with clarity and success. DRiVE Consulting’s approach, based on the Core Energy Construct developed by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), focuses on facilitating new ways of thinking. Adam helps his clients turn obstacles into opportunities in order to achieve greater long-term success and happiness.

DRiVE Consulting helps its clients increase their engagement and motivation levels as they turn their aspirations into reality by exploring and developing their DRiVE:

  • D - Dream. We Dream to encourage positive changes in our lives..
  • R - Resolve. We Resolve to continue our efforts to actualize the Dream.
  • i - Inspire. We Inspire ourselves and others to make the Dream real.
  • V - Vision. We develop the clarity of Vision to see the Dream actualized.
  • E - Evolve. We welcome the opportunity to Evolve as we actualize the Dream.

Whether Adam is delivering Soft Skills Training Seminars, working with clients on career growth opportunities, transitions, business teams or with recent college graduates, the goal is to inspire purposeful shifts in perspective and behavior that set a pattern for positive and sustainable change. A core component of this process is understanding your relationships with the individuals and organizations around you. This is a stepping stone for becoming more engaged in your personal and professional life, which leads to greater success and fulfillment.

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