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Your DRiVE-Factor measures how firmly you sit in the driver's seat of your career/professional life and your personal life. We all have our moments when we are totally in the zone in all aspects of our lives; and there are other times when we feel we've given up control and let LIFE take over. A lower DRiVE-Factor suggests you've been dislodged from the driver's seat in your life. A higher DRiVE-Factor suggests greater motivation and engagement levels, that you're more firmly planted in the driver's seat, and that you're more likely to achieve the success you desire.

Utilizing the attitudinal, ELI Assessment developed by Dr. Bruce D. Schneider, founder of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), DRiVE Consulting can help you discover your DRiVE-Factor. The ELI Assessment is taken online - at the beginning of every coaching package - and can be completed in approximately 20 minutes. You will receive your results in a full report which we will review together during the hour long debrief which takes place between your first and second sessions. During the debrief, we will highlight some of your default attitudes towards aspects of your life - your E-Factor.

To learn more about the ELI Assessment, click ELI Assessment.

Once your overall E-Factor is determined, DRiVE Consulting can partner with you in breaking through the inner blocks which hold you back and in raising your level of engagement and motivation your DRiVE-Factor. Partnering with DRiVE Consulting will help you recognize your strengths and ability to succeed; broaden your perspective; and recognize/create new opportunities. DRiVE Consulting can then help you clarify your goals and devise action plans to achieve those goals.

Remember, the higher your DRiVE-Factor, the higher your engagement and motivation levels in life, the more likely you will be to achieve the success you desire.

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