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PROgression Career Success Package

Face it, we all have concerns about our careers. In fact, we are often socialized into defining ourselves by what we do, rather than by who we are. And this is as true for recent graduates as it is for mid-career professionals.

Contemplating your career trajectory or a career change in today's tight job market can be a daunting challenge. Similarly, graduating in a tight job market is a challenge facing many college graduates across the U.S. It takes a clear vision and laser focus to thrive in this competitive environment.

Many people today express fear revolving around professional promotion or career transition; however, these significant changes should be viewed as opportunities for personal growth, professional growth and greater fulfillment. By shifting feelings such as fear of change into openness to growing, one can develop the mindset and skills to thrive in the face of these perceived challenges and come to focus on the positive.

DRiVE Consulting helps people facing career transitions to shift their perspectives by taking stock of their strengths and building on them as new opportunities are created and pursued.

Once a shift in perspective has been accomplished, DRiVE Consulting helps recent college graduates, as well as mid-career professionals, to develop S.M.A.R.T. Action Plans for achieving their career goals and empowers them to overcome perceived roadblocks to success. With the roadblocks identified, DRiVE Consulting helps you chart a course for your career that keeps you in the driver's seat. This strategic approach is designed to help you shift out of neutral and into overdrive.

DRiVE Consulting offers two consulting paths:

1. Groups of 5 - 10 people meeting either in person or via teleconference calls. During these calls, DRiVE Consulting will facilitate conversations among group members with the goal of sharing and learning from each other's experiences. Each group package runs for 10 one hour meetings. Group packages are cost-effective and optimal for individuals new to coaching and/or DRiVE Consulting and offers the benefit of hearing and learning from others' stories, experiences and insights.

2. Private, personalized, weekly consultations. There are two options to choose from for these personalized consultations, each of which begins with the ELI Assessment and debrief:

a) 60 minute consultations; or

b) 90 minute consultations.

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