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PROjection Transitional Support Package

Transition, with its implicit connotation as a position of weakness, can be a daunting challenge for many adults. Fears, self-doubting, feelings of being a victim are all natural reactions to times of significant change. The fear of transition can be best understood as a fear of the unknown: How will you survive in these uncertain times? How will you survive transition in your life? So many unknowns intrude on the present challenge.

Shifting perspectives and focusing on strengths and skill sets can assist in meeting challenges. These shifts in perspective underscore the fact that we choose our lives daily. Whereas we do not have the power to directly cause the events which occur in our lives, we do have the power to choose the way we respond to those events. Similarly, we have the opportunity to choose to view these significant changes as opportunities rather than challenges or stumbling blocks.

DRiVE Consulting guides people facing significant life transitions as they shift their perspectives by taking stock of their strengths and building on them as new opportunities are created and pursued. Determining strengths and opportunities lays the foundation for identifying ways to achieve an optimal DRiVE-Factor, which empowers each and every client to become actively engaged in achieving their goals.

After guiding our clients to shift their thinking, DRiVE Consulting helps individuals to uncover the opportunities that lie within these transitions and develop S.M.A.R.T. Action Plans for overcoming the perceived obstacles and achieving the desired success.

Significant transitions can often best be met with deliberation and the support of others.

DRiVE Consulting offers you the opportunity to build your own support team through one of our two package types:

1. Groups of 5 - 10 people meeting either in person or via teleconference calls. During these calls/meetings, DRiVE Consulting will facilitate conversations among group members with the goal of sharing and learning from each other's experiences. Each group package runs for 10 one hour meetings. Group packages are cost-effective and optimal for individuals new to coaching and/or DRiVE Consulting and offers the benefit of hearing and learning from others' stories, experiences and insights.

2. Private, personalized, weekly consultations. There are two options to choose from for these personalized consultations, each of which begins with the ELI Assessment and debrief:

a) 60 minute consultations; or

b) 90 minute consultations.

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