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Friday, January 18, 2013

DRiVE Consulting Launches to Help New York Residents Break Down Personal, Professional Barriers Res Ipsa Coaching rebrands, expands service offerings for business teams and job seekers.

New Rochelle, NY (PRWEB) January 16, 2013

DRiVE Consulting (formerly Res Ipsa Coaching), a boutique consulting firm that specializes in actionable, causative coaching for professionals and recent graduates, those facing significant life changes, and corporate and small business teams, today announced its new brand and expanded service offerings.

Under the DRiVE Consulting umbrella, founder and president, Adam J. Krim will offer customized in-person and virtual consulting sessions to help individuals achieve greater engagement, fulfillment and success in their personal and professional lives. By helping clients make purposeful and sustainable shifts in their perceptions and actions, DRiVE Consulting is able to help clients advance in their careers, enhance their personal relationships and develop a deeper understanding of cause and effect within the context of relationships.

“Clients often tell me they feel trapped by their current circumstances, be they personal or professional,” Adam J. Krim, founder of DRiVE Consulting, said. “The idea behind DRiVE Consulting is to help them shift into a position of power and become actively engaged in steering the course of their lives.”

As part of its expanded service offerings, DRiVE Consulting will now offer the following customizable packages:

1. PROjection: personalized coaching sessions for individuals embarking upon significant life changes;

2. PROformance: personalized coaching sessions for corporate and small business teams; and

3. PROgression: personalized coaching sessions for recent graduates.

Each of DRiVE Consulting’s packages includes the option of individual or small group coaching and a choice of in-person or virtual sessions. The firm even offers virtual teambuilding sessions, which are ideal for organizations with employees who work remotely and/or across different geographic locales.

“For companies with a virtual workforce, virtual teambuilding is an opportunity to simulate the daily working environment,” Krim said. “While virtual teambuilding may be outside of the ‘comfort zone’ for some, pushing boundaries is an opportunity for growth and can serve as a catalyst for meaningful and sustainable change.”

To learn more about DRiVE Consulting’s New York teambuilding sessions and in-person and virtual coaching packages, visit:

About DRiVE Consulting

DRiVE Consulting, formerly Res Ipsa Coaching, was founded in 2008 by Adam J. Krim, a certified professional coach, attorney and mediator with offices in NYC and in Westchester County, NY, to help clients nationwide navigate professional and life transitions with clarity and success. By facilitating new ways of thinking, DRiVE Consulting helps individuals turn obstacles into opportunities in order to achieve greater long-term happiness. Through individual and group coaching sessions, clients develop a deeper understanding of the connection between their inner roadblocks and the path of their lives, thereby becoming more engaged in their personal and professional lives. To learn move, visit:

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