The Aimless Pursuit of Nothingness Or The Purposeful Creation of Somethingness

March 5, 2012 – Recently, while reading a review of Prof. Lawrence Krauss’ latest book, A Universe From Nothing, I was struck with the apparent similarities between the Universe and human experience. Krauss challenges the common assumption that nothingness is more natural than somethingness, and posits that science can explain how and why there is something in the Universe. If we were to fully delve into this cosmological issue, we need an understanding of the true nature of nothingness. According to Krauss, there are three types of nothingness: First, there is the nothingness of empty space. Second, is the nothingness of no space or time. Third, is the nothingness where even the laws of physics are absent.

As I haven’t yet read A Universe From Nothing (to be remedied soon – Amazon order arrived the other day), I can’t write more about Krauss’ theories. The opening question (challenging the assumption that nothingness is more natural than somethingness) is fascinating however, and is what I want to discuss.

Consider the possibility that the natural state of the Universe is one of somethingness. The implication is that the time of nothingness, before the Big Bang, was the anomaly. So what happened? Whatever the nature of the nothingness before the Big Bang, the Universe proactively decided, anthropomorphically speaking, to create reality – the reality after the Big Bang – which would lead to the realization of Its potential.

The parallels to our lives are apparent. Just as the natural state of the Universe is one of somethingness, and steps need to be taken for that natural state to ensue, so too in the realm of human existence. Rather than aimlessly pursuing the nothingness of non-action (thereby trying in vain to avoid change) we should be proactive – take purposeful action – to ensure that we create conditions in our lives for optimal realization of our full potential.

Quantum physics teaches us that we are made up of cosmic dust and as such are physically composed of the same stuff as the Universe. And following Krauss’ theory that somethingness can be explained, we are like the Universe in that we too must purposely create our lives and ensure that the conditions for reaching our full potential exist. Be purposeful. Be the creator of the somethingness of your life. Be the Universe.

Consider the Possibilities.

Adam J.  Krim                                                                                                                             

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Adam works as a Certified Professional Coach, delivering soft skills training seminars on a variety of topics, including Time Management, Harnessing Stress, Decision Making, Problem Solving and more.
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  1. Ana Laura says:

    The thought of considering the natural state of the Universe as one of ‘somethingness’ is refreshing and meaningful. As is that ‘nothingness’ is contained with in a field of purposeful action that creates conditions for optimal human realization.Fascinating perspective since it could support that ‘aimlessly pursuing the nothingness of non-action’ can be debilitating to purposefulness and ultimatley joy.

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